Joint Health And Safety Committee Training Online - Joint Health And Safety Committee Training Online BC

Joint Health And Safety Committee Training Online - Joint Health And Safety Committee Training Online BC

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Our Online Joint Health and Safety Committee Training BC course is in full compliance with the BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations & Workers Compensation Act.

The joint health and safety committee supports the employer's duty to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. The joint safety committee brings together representatives of the employer and the workers, to identify and help resolve health and safety issues in the workplace. The joint safety committee plays an important role in your occupational health and safety program, giving workers and employers a way to work together to identify and find solutions to workplace health and safety issues. Any workplace with 20 or more employees must have a joint health and safety committee in BC, while those with between 10 and 19 workers must have a designated worker health and safety representative in BC. This course aims at helping participants to identify and interpret JHSC member's functions and duties and to carry out their responsibilities to promote workplace health and safety.

Joint Health And Safety Committee Training Online

As of April 03, 2017 WorkSafeBC requires that all potential joint safety committee members in BC must receive 8 hours of instruction and JHSC training. Empire Safety Solutions is proud to present our 8 hour JHSC Training BC (JOSH Committee BC Training) course which meets and exceeds all new WorkSafeBC requirements.

Our 8 hour online joint health and safety committee JHSC training course, will assist employers and participants on how to start-up a committee at your workplace, how to effectively implement a JHSC, duties and functions of members and as a team, and the OHSR regulation.


All members of the JHSC committee must be trained as per Worksafebc regulation. All members must take this training in order to meet regulation requirements. See regulations HERE.

You must have a minimum of 4 members per committee meeting (and meet once per month).

50% can me management representatives and the other 50% can be employee representatives. The employee representatives must be elected by the other workers. You can have more employee reps than management reps but you cannot have more management reps than employee reps on your committee (i.e. you can have 1 manager and 3 employees).

Joint Health And Safety Committee Training Online BC

Minimum of 4 members must be trained as per regulation (minimum number of members per committee). It is also recommended to train 1 to 2 alternates. These alternates can attend meetings once per month if for any reason one of the original 4 members cannot attend the monthly safety committee meeting.

Joint Health And Safety Committee Training Online BC

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Joint Health And Safety Committee Training Online

A final exam in PDF format will be emailed to your provided email address at the time of purchase. You must hand write the exam (sign the exam) and email it back to us, to the provided email address, for marking. A mark of 80% must be achieved in order to receive a certificate of completion. Participants are able to repeat the course three times in efforts to achieve the pass mark.

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